About us


The company is chaired by José Ramón Fernández, one of the 2 reference shareholders together with Maximilian D. Martin.

Our team consists of over 40 professionals with extensive experience in the automotive sector and we work with first-tier suppliers as Mazel Ingenieros, ITD, etc.


José Ramón Fernández: Chairman & CEO (Partner)

Holder of a Degree in Law from the San Pablo CEU University and a Diploma in Marketing from Cambridge University, he has completed 11 Master’s Degrees that include an Executive MBA from the Antonio de Nebrija University and the Advanced Management Programme and Advanced Business Management and Strategic Management of the Luxury Universe Programme from the IE Business School. A specialist in Asia-Pacific markets, he holds a Graduate Degree in Indian Economics and others in Chinese and Taiwanese Economics from the Granada University and the Salamanca University, respectively. He has previously held the post of Concept & Development Vice-President for Italy, Spain and Portugal at Ikonogramma Agencia de Publicidad, S.A. and the positions of Product Manager, Marketing Manager and General Management Assistant at numerous multi-national companies in the automotive sector, including FIAT AUTO. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English.